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America's Leader in Racing Gear Ventures Off Road

G-Force Off-Road was launched in September of 2018 as a new division of G-Force Racing Gear, which was started over 25-years ago by the Postell family.  G-Force Racing Gear is a leading manufacturer of racing suits, helmets, gloves, shoes, harnesses, window nets, restraints, and other safety equipment used by racers, crew members, and sanctioning organizations around the world.

G-Force Off-Road and G-Force Racing Gear are still family owned and headquartered in a 50,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility near Atlanta, Georgia.  G-Force Off-Road also has operations in California and North Carolina.


The design team at G-Force Off-Road has developed and tested both safety and convenience products for their initial product offering.  G-Force Off-Road is currently testing several new designs and innovative products that will be added throughout the year and into 2019.  G-Force Off-Road identifies and delivers product solutions of value, while authentically connecting with our customers and dealers.


As we like to say... 

We're Protecting Your Adventures!